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Kalikanna is a nation in the region of Lichentia. It has a remarkable amount of history for its short time in Liberalia. it has many protectorate states and has recently plunged into a civil war. It has seen many leaders, good and bad.


[edit] Kalikannese Leaders

During Kalikanna's history, it has seen a few people rise up and eventually have control over Kalikanna. Here are the main ones that have made an influence on events and occurences in the nation.

Chairman Desmon Keschov:

Desmon Keschov was the chairman of the old People's Republic of Kalikanna. He was eventually deposed after corruption and war crimes were brought upon him, which he was found guilty and imprisoned, he died after serving 46 of his 999 year sentence.

Vladamir Boshovski:

Vladamir Boshovski was the leader of the Socialist government during the United Socialist States of Kalikanna years. He was very popular for the first 3 years but after being assassinated by rebels, the government fell apart without having a capable leader and eventually was overthrown.

King and Emperor Jeraldo Kalikazaros:

King and Emperor Jeraldo Kalikazaros was the same man. He was the man who brought Kalikanna out of the darkness after the socialist government collapsed. First Kalikanna was turned into a kingdom with Jeraldo Kalikazaros becoming the king. After events like bombings and war, the King asked for a new election. Thus Kalikanna became a Holy Empire with Jeraldo Kalikazaros at the helm, the Empire expanded and Kalikazaros became a predominant figurehead to the people. He was killed when the Imperial Palaca was bombed by Rebels.

Joseph Kold

Joseph Kold was the shortest ruling leader of Kalikanna. He came into power after the death of the Emperor and ruled with an iron fist from the start. He was eventually killed by a sniper operating from Curiaistan whilst leaving the Government Compound in the Capital of Kalathenium. He was killed in revenge for exposing and executing Curian nationals as spies.

Ioannaz Metaxos

Ionnaz Metaxos, is the current leader of kalikanna. He was the Leader of the Political wing of the Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo. After Joseph Kold was killed by assasins, he took control of the nation. He has had a very short, violent but productive term so far, as Newly elected Prime Minister. He is the Prime minister of the newly named Hellenic Commonwealth. ---

[edit] Civil war

Kalikanna has plunged into a civil war. It all began after the death of the Emperor Kalikazaros in an attack on the Imperial Palace in the capital city of Kalathenium. After this incident the region was taken over by a military commander name Joseph Kold. Kold had a very shot reign after he was assassinated along with Omar Akoy, the head of National Defence.

Kold was killed by a sniper bullet to the head by a Curian Special Service soldier in the capital city of Kalathenium.

Omar was killed by a group of troops from a faction in Kalikanna known as the Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo (EAM) in a car bombing.

[edit] Kalikannese Factions

In light of recent events in kalikanna three major factions have arisen in kalikanna they are:

[edit] Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo

(National Liberation Front)

Political Leader: Ionniaz Metaxo

Military Leader:General Nikos Apollo


The Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo are a Freedom Fighter faction in Falikanna. Primarily based on a belief for the people and their rights. Major conflicts have involved the Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo as they are the second largest faction, falling behind the Kommunistiko Komma Ethinkos in numbers. They are currently at war with the Kommunistiko Komma Ethinkos and are trying to get an alliance with the Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis.

[edit] Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis

(National and Social Liberation front)

Political Leader: Vladimir Kakislov

Military Leader: Dmitri Voulos


The Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis are a Socially orientated Faction. They are relatively small compared to the other two main factions, but estimates show that if the Ethniki Kai Koinoniki Apeleftherosis and Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo were to join in an alliance, they would slightly outnumber the Kommunistiko Komma Ethinkos.

[edit] Kommunistiko Komma Ethinkos

(Communist Party Nation)

Political Leader: Peteros Mokosov

Military Leader: Marcos Vlitzeroi


The Kommunistiko Komma Ethinkos are a communist faction that have recently declared war on the Government Regime and the Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo. They have been in Kalikanna for a very long time and formed after the socialist government was overthrown. They are currently the largest faction.

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